How Your LinkedIn Profile Is Like a Flashing Digital Billboard Not a Resume

I accede LinkedIn to be a Flashing Digital Billboard that I change every Sunday at 3:30. I alarm this alteration my oil.

A resume is an actual certificate highlighting able jobs, achievements, education, and association involvement.

As a futurist and strategist, career drillmaster and LinkedIn specialist, I advise my audience how to advantage LI to get what they wish traveling forward, not to get what they accept consistently had.

Here are my tips for authoritative a LinkedIn contour Look Abundant and Be Begin for success, abnormally from a resume:

1) Apperceive Your Goals – The aboriginal and a lot of important tip is to accept the purpose of your LinkedIn contour and the goals for getting on this tool. My audience accept to complete my workbook with abounding questions that advice them anticipate their goals.

2) Look Abundant – In Europe, the Vita / resume includes a photo, in the USA a resume does not cover a photo. On LinkedIn, a photograph is important as this is a amusing media apparatus and humans wish to apperceive that the contour buyer is real, authentic, and genuine. Be abiding to get a able headshot for your LinkedIn profile. (I do not even bang on profiles after photos).

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: Do not use a selfie for the LinkedIn profile.

3) Know Your Branding – Yield time to ascertain and accept your cast and acquaint that in the Able Banderole breadth on LinkedIn, beneath your name. This breadth allows for 120 characters – alpha with the appellation that you desire, your cast annual and the industries that you desire. This breadth is top in seek engine optimization.

Headline Example: Technical Project Manager that Every Engineer Loves to Plan With in Electric or Industrial Manufacturing. This banderole got my applicant begin for a abundant job aural four weeks.

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: I change my banderole based on what I desire, abacus and removing keywords, titles, and industries that I am targeting. My branding charcoal constant but the keywords may change based on the jobs or industries that I am targeting – i.e. LinkedIn Trainer, Sales Drillmaster | Attorneys Look Great, Be Found, Get Apperceive and Accomplish Meaningful Business Connections. By abacus the chat ‘Attorneys’ I got two new law close clients, as the begin me on LinkedIn.

4) Be Aspirational – In your Summary area, which has a 2,000 appearance limit, accomplish abiding that there are at atomic 50 keywords. If you are gluttonous a job and are unemployed alpha the aboriginal two curve (50 characters) with the job appellation that you are gluttonous and your acquaintance information. This way recruiters can calmly ability out to you. In the Summary let humans apperceive what you desire, what your goals are and what you accept accomplished.

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: if you are employed, DO NOT say that you are badly gluttonous new opportunities.

5) Summarize Achievements in the Acquaintance Breadth – Do not just archetype and adhesive your resume into the Acquaintance area. I drillmaster my audience to actualize their accomplishments and rank them based on what they wish to do in the future.

Next, abstraction job descriptions that you are targeting and accomplish assertive to bulb those keywords or requirements from those job descriptions in the Acquaintance Description area.

I drillmaster audience to use my ‘frosting and cupcake’ formatting. That agency to actualize a banderole for key ability that bound tells the adventure with keywords. This is important because if you administer for a job through LinkedIn or download your LinkedIn contour into an online resume architecture again the formatting is actual simple to apprehend and the keywords angle out. Example:


  • Created $25 actor dollar business – launched the in-store experience, procedures, accoutrement and abstracts for the antecedent barrage of in-store gaming software trade-in.
  • Developed the sales plan, trainings and accoutrement that accurate access into affairs eReaders in-store and online which is now a $60 actor business.

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: Never use the words ‘Responsible for’ in the Acquaintance section. Recruiters wish to apperceive what you accept accomplished and not what the responsibilities were. Consistently put able job accomplishments in able tense.

6) Highlight Successes – There are abounding new areas on LinkedIn breadth you can affectation your experience. Begin abacus the Volunteer, Honors and Awards, Publications, Organizations, Certifications, Courses and added sections to the profile.

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: Each Sunday if I change my oil, I add a new keyword to the Interest breadth on LinkedIn. This breadth is top in seek engine enhancement and I use it as my ‘secret sauce’ to advice get best up in searches. I accept hundreds of applicant success belief about audience who added a new keyword and were bound begin for a abundant job.

7) Show Your Stuff – In the new media-rich formatting breadth in the LinkedIn Summary, Acquaintance and Apprenticeship sections, you can add links, videos, PPT, PDFs or photos. If you do not accept any of these, again actualize some visuals.

With one client, we created a PPT accelerate assuming how he has been acknowledged in creating business analytics. This beheld got him noticed by a abeyant employer.

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: You can aswell actualize beheld resumes to put in this breadth application accoutrement such as,, or by creating a resume on your Pinterest and abacus that account.

8) Flaunt Your Abilities – The Abilities and Endorsements breadth is important on LinkedIn. Add up to 50 abilities and accomplish assertive that the top 10 abilities get the a lot of endorsements and that they are in the top 10 slots. Get at atomic 12 Endorsements. Accord to receive! You can move these about now by beat ‘Manage skills’ and again beat on the accomplishment and boring it to a new position.

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: Every Sunday I abolish abilities that I no best wish to appearance and add a new accomplishment that I accept begin on added expert’s profiles or that are in job descriptions. If I do not accept that skill, I appointment (LinkedIn owns this company) and yield a tutorial about that accomplishment and I add that chat to my Interest area.

9) Recommend Others Aboriginal + Often – Accord recommendations to above bosses, co-workers, staff, and vendors. Accord three recommendations per anniversary and watch how abounding you accept back. Recommendations are important as recruiters, HR and hiring managers wish to accept your character.

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: Consistently highlight their cast attributes and accomplishments in the aboriginal 6 words of a recommendation. This is all humans can see on a LinkedIn contour and it is all they notice.

10) Invite Top Influencers – Once you accept your contour Looking Great, allure your top peeps to your network. Get your targeted account of industries (I alarm them HUBS) again the top 66 humans that accredit business to you and that you accredit business to.

ANNE’S EXPERT TIP: Consistently add a claimed bulletin if agreeable humans to LinkedIn. My 5 footfall process: 1) say breadth you knew them from 2) accord them a accompaniment or a affiliation point, 3) allure them to connect, 4) ask what you can be on the anchor for them, 5) assurance off with your cast statement, name, phone, and Twitter handle (LinkedIn does not acquiesce you to add a URL on the Invitation bulletin above-mentioned to connecting).

To you success, my friends,


A Universal Connector, accustomed as a Top 10 LinkedIn Trainer in the World, Certified Online Cast Specialist, Approaching Mapper and Co-founder of a civic baton in claimed branding, online afterimage application LinkedIn, and career and new apple of plan strategies.